PC or PC2Jamma ?
Various thoughts I had during the process:

  • First I wanted to (re-)build a basic cabinet, just for MAME, i.e. a PC with monitor in a special case. I looked around on various websites, and decided that this would break up my cabinet, and would cost me too much money, just for a MAME-machine.

  • Suddenly I stumbled upon some arcade-cabinets in the Netherlands. I bought a generic cabinet, with a SF-II board, 2 speakers on top and in a good state. The monitor has very little burn-in, so I decided to do something like the PC2Jamma-project. I liked the idea of adjusting the PC for the cabinet instead of otherwise. Besides that, a real arcade-monitor is just much nicer than a pc-monitor.

  • I have access to some original Jamma-PCB's, and wanted to be able to play them, as well as MAME. This means I will have to do some rewiring, but in a way that still allows a Jamma-board in the cabinet. This will also take some extra electronics, but if you do something, you've got to do it right...
    BTW: if anybody has a (cheap) Bubble Bobble or Pang pcb for sale here in Europe, you can always contact me.

Some things I'm encountering during the process:

Buttons & Joystick-grounds
Using the keyboard-encoder, I have two grounds. A Jamma-connector has only 1 ground (on various pins). This means I'll have to seperate some grounds on a fingerboard, and rewire the buttons. This will only work if the grounds on a pcb are internaly connected (as is supposed to be).
Single pole, double throw
I will have to add some switched for setting the cabinet up for MAME or Jamma-pcb use. This is mostly because the encoder-ground question (see above). It also has to do with the 3 extra buttons/player (not part of the Jamma-specs). They are now grounded to the extra connector on the pcb, but in MAME-use, they will have to be grounded to the normal ground, used by all other buttons.

The cabinet works nice and smooth with the rebuilded control-panel. It is much easier to win SFII now!