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Everything is working!
Everything is working now. Unbelievable how easy it is with the ArcadeVGA, I now feel I missed 5 years of playing :(

Please find a bit of technical information below for your information:

  • Decided to use MameWAH as the frontend
  • Have Windows running on a 640x288 resolution, which allows the most games to be played without me modifying the V-HOLD of the monitor.
  • Had to buy a couple of amplified speakers (EUR 20) which I took apart. As the natural volume of the PC headphone output was too low, I ripped the amplifier from the cheap speakers and put it inside the cabinet. Good thing is that I now can also control volume :)
  • As the J-Pac only had 4 additional contacts left (buttons 7&8 for both players), I have not connected the 'Setup' button for now. In the (near) future, I'll rewire the setup-button to the Jamma-board, as coin 2 input (as I don't use that one).

    As I bragged about the new cabinet on my work, we more or less decided that we should have one overthere as well, so check back soon for an update of my MAME Cabinet v2.

  • 03-05-2005

    w00t w00t
    The Ultimarc order came in quickly, so I had to order a PC as well. I did not order a Dell, as the ArcadeVGA requires an AGP slot! Take note of this when ordering the ArcadeVGA (or a PC to go with it), as I found that a lot of PC's nowadays don't have a AGP slot anymore!

    The PC came in today, so I quickly connected everything and booted the PC for a first test.

    w00t w00t! The PC is now connected to the cabinet! Not that it doesn anything more than booting into 'Boot disk failure' right now, but next week I have a day off, and I'll start to install Windows on it.

    Note to self
    I wasted YEARS with the old setup. If you are reading this, and are having doubts about wether or not to go for a PC2Jamma, or how to connect the PC: DO NOT HESITATE ANYMORE! Just order the stuff from UltiMarc, and it's plug and play in your working Jamma-cabinet!


    Back from the dead
    After a couple of years, I decided to start working on my cabinet again. A lot has happened in the last years, good news is that the game company I started still does exist ! Bad news is that it took almost 4 years of my live working quite hard, so I used the cabinet for JAMMA boards only.

    Time flies having fun, so I now decided to go for the quick way this time, and just ordered an ArcadeVGA and a J-Pac from UltiMarc. Allows me to quickly have a PC up and running, just checked the Dell website and could get a Dimension 2400 for a bit above 300 EUR. Seems like a sweet deal to me :)

    Looking for a game to play ?!
    Ouch, things have turned over. I fried the PC, so no PC2Jamma for me nowadays. I had everything working, but sadly now I'll have to start over again regarding building a pc.
    If you are placing a pc in a cabinet, please make sure there is enough ventilation, and don't overclovk too much :) I was exspecting this to happen, and on a brighter side, memory is now like $50 for 256MB, which will make the new version much easier.
    I'm now aiming for a win32-solution with a good videocard, so check again in a few months.

    As I still love to play games, I bought some other PCB's (TETRIS!), and even started my own company! We also create arcade like games, so if you have some spare time, look under the products section and go for the demo.
    Don't like our games? Maybe you can find some more at the GameGateway.

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