Current Status / What's New
I still have the old monitor. Couldn't find one that would fit into this cabinet without buying a new cabinet :( However, I also bought a Dreamcast, thus leaving me even less time to play with the Arcade-cabinet. I like it though, firing up an old PCB. I just can't to get the monitor-tweaking right, everytime ArcadeOS switches back and forth between itself and a game, I will have to tweak the settings again (esp. vertical hold). Maybe I need to update the software, as well as put some more time in it. Right now, I spend more time on the Dreamcast and on some other game-related stuff. And if you take into account I work at, you might imagine that when I come home after work, I don't feel much like playing around :)
Still alive...
Due to other activities (Life was happening) I didn't have time to update this page, or do anything on my MAMA Cabinet. Just a quick overview of what has happened, more wil follow later on this week/month:
  • I discovered that the monitor was in fact a rotating monitor. This is really nice, as I'll be able to play pacman the way it's ment to be :)
  • A new videocard (ATI Xpert '98) solved a lot of problems, but I'm thinking about replacing the monitor, as it's a bit dark and I can not seem to get the brighness right. I'm currently looking into 'revised' monitors.
  • I am really glad I did go the PC2Jamma way, as it turned out. I still can switch between PC (troubles) and PCB's.
More to come...
Network up and running
The network is up and running. I now can access other pc's in the network under pure DOS. I updated some other pages too and I also added a software-page, with a list of the software I'm using inside the cabinet.
I also did some extra rewiring (again) on the cabinet. I was told on Saint's message-board that the JammaX-connector uses the same ground as all the other buttons. This make my live a lot easier :) I'm also getting ready for the final move: putting the computer inside the cabinet. I added an extra ground to the cabinet, using the original jamma-connector. Ground 1 on the jamma-connector (parts side) is now a standard ground in jamma-mode and is used as the extra ground needed by the LP-24 in dos-mode.
It looks like I will not have to use extra switches in the cabinet, but just have to plug in the modified fingerboard and reconnect the DIN-9 connector for setting up the cabinet in pc-mode. Me likes it !

Quick notice
Updated almost every page. Added a linklist and a network-page. Must go now...

Bought the stuff
Yesterday I bought the computer that will go inside the cabinet, check out the money-spent page to see what stuff I bought. I couldn't find a Xpert'98, so I bought a Rage II instead. It should also work on a arcade-monitor, according to various messages.
I overclocked the Celeron 400, it's now running stable at 500 MHz, and I put a network-card that I had lying around into the computer, because I don't want to open the cabinet for updating roms, ArcadeOS etc.

BTW: I've read the news about the new Hagstrom encoder, the KE-72. If I could do it all over again, I would have bought this baby, instead of my LP-24... :(

Revival on it's way
Phew. Haven't updated this section a few weeks... (Hmms, deja-vu). The project is still in a 'halting'-phase. I did some more rewiring, connected the insert-coin to the appropriate jamma-finger, but that's it. I'm planning to restart my project in the next couple of weeks. Next week I'm going to the 'HCC-Beurs', the biggest computer-fair in the Netherlands. I'm hoping to return with a lot of goodies to put into the cabinet. It all depends on the prices they ask.
I'm also having questions about which videocard I should use. I've read a lot of good reviews of the ATI-cards at Saint's messageboard, but I'm wondering which version I should get. The Xpert'98 seems to be a good choise, but I can't seem to find it here anymore. Maybe I'll user the Trident for the moment, and try another card later on (although it IS the most crucial part of the cabinet). I'm having my doubts...

There is also some good news: I'm now a master at SF-II! Although I did say it before, I'm very, very glad I did go the PC2Jamma way. The new control-panel plays very nice and smooth, and I really like the idea of not breaking up the cabinet. I now just swap the pcb's and play another game, while waiting for computer-prices to drop :)

Long time no see, earthquakes suck...
Phew. Haven't updated this section a few weeks. Not only I'm busy with various other stuff, I also don't have much to mention about the ongoing project:
Last week I went out to a fair for buying the new computer that will go inside the cabinet, and I was stunned. Due to the earthquake in Taiwan, prices have gone up 150% for memory. So instead of spending $650 for a new computer (Celeron 500 / 128 Mb / 8 Gb HDD), they thought I was going to spend $400 for the memory alone. NOT!
So I bought a $12 trackball instead. I'm now figuring out how to mount this trackball on the panel...
I guess the project will have some delay. I'm very glad I followed the PC2Jamma-way, because now I'm still able to use the SFII-pcb, not to mention the fact that otherwise I would be staring at a $750+ piece-a-sh*t for two months :)

09-09-99 *grin*
Quick update
Today I scanned the photos I took. Some were really messy, only 12 of the 20 were usefull...
I added a picture-gallery, and added some pictures to various pages. Due to my new job, updates will mostly appear during the weekends.

Time to buy some more stuff...
I updated the total-cost page.
I now have to buy the computer that will go inside the cabinet. I guess it will be a Celeron 466 with 128 MB memory and a 8 Gb HDD. That should be enough until MAME .68b4 I hope :)

Rewired the cabinet
I finished the cabinet, and put the SFII-board back in. After checking the wires a couple of times, I turned the cabinet on. And it worked!

Build the panel, rewire the cabinet
The control-panel has been finished.
In two days I start at my new job, so the first thing to do in the time that's left is to rewire the cabinet. I'll need some extra Molex-connectors as I'm following the PC2Jamma-way: extra wires will be connected through an additional connector, not used on the Jamma-pcb's. I'll have the photos I took develloped today, they should be online in a few days.

Building the panel
Added a page about building the control-panel. Will have to buy some materials for drilling holes in the metal.
Took some more pictures. I'll have them develloped soon.

The journey has started
Yesss, just received the Happ-parts. S&H was not cheap, but hell, those $40 won't break me. First thing to do is rebuilding the control-panel, I'll be buying a motherboard etc. soon. I guess I won't have it ready on september 1th, when I start at my new job, but then I'll have something that keeps me busy at night :)

Still waiting for the Happ-parts. They should arrive in a few days.
Just cutted a new control-panel from an old computer-case. It really looks like shit... I'll have to look around for something else for making a new panel. Maybe an polycarbonate-one ?

Programming the LP-24
It took 4 keyboards to get one working daisychained with the LP-24, but I managed to programm the LP-24. However, I suddenly noticed that the cabinet has all the buttons/switches grounded to the same line. The setup I use, uses two grounds. I currently figuring out the best way to get around this, I probably will cut a line at the fingerboard and rewire the buttons. Normal Jamma-pcb's shouldn't notice the difference (assuming ground is everywhere the same), but the cutted fingerboard will have two grounds for the buttons. I will wait for the Happ Controls-parts to arrive, before starting the rewire-mess. This could get ugly :)

One down, one to go
Today I received my LP-24, with a free cable for connecting it to my pc! Now I just have to wait for the Happ-parts.
Took some pictures today. However, they won't be online until I have more pictures of the whole process.
Added a total cost-page.

Two weeks left
In two weeks, my vacation is over and I'll start at a new job. I really hope that my LP-24 and the Happ Controls-parts are here soon, so I can start rebuilding this thingie. Until they arrive, the only thing to do is cleaning the cabinet up a bit and making plans for a new control-panel layout...
Will take some pictures later on today, don't know however when they will be online.

JP, Phone Home
A very quick update, I'm currently out of town for a week or so, this update is made in an Internet Cafe (*hips*). Phoned home, still no LP-24, but already received CreditCard-slip. Got a mail from Happ Controls, if I could give them my home-address to send the stuff to. Oops :)
I'm outta here, going to the solar eclipse in France or Austria with a couple of friends. Hope my eclipse-glasses are good, otherwise you won't see many updates here anymore :)
Quick note to self: Take some pictures of cabinet

First In, Last Out
I received the trident TVGA8900C today by mail. Also placed my order at Happ Controls today, Suzo didn't have the things I wanted :(
I also started the work on the cabinet. Cleaned it up a bit, and replaced a few micro-switches that were bad. Also mounted a microswitch beneeth the 'Coin return'-plunger.

A fresh start
Just picked up 2 Jamma-harnasses for free today. The finger-boards are soldered already, I just have to rewire the cables.

Gotcha !!!
Picked up the cabinet today. It's a standard cabinet ('Royal Video Special'), which houses a SFII-pcb. Monitor has very little burn-in, on top of the cabinet are 2 speakers (stereo). I'll take some pictures soon, and I can start rebuilding it.

I was offered a Street Fighter II-cabinet today. This is just what I was looking for... The guy will have it at his house later on this week, I'm really anxious to see it.
More orders
I also did order a video-card for $5. It should work in a PC2Jamma-project, according to the PC2Jamma Video Cards-page.

Another supplier
I received my SUZO-catalogue today. They are cheaper than Happs Controls (like $40 vs. $75 for the same trackball), and are located in the Netherlands.

No way back
Ordered the LP-24, I'm going to an amusements-machine-firm later on today, to see what they have in stock. I already dealt with them a few years ago, when I bought my pinball-machine (Bram Stoker's Dracula).
An offer you can't refuse
Just had an offer for a cabinet (cheap). It looks like I'm going to get this one first, and build my cabinet later...